The Responsibility That Comes With Keeping An Aquarium

Whenever you visualize an aquarium, all sorts of wonderful images spring to mind. You may picture the brilliant colors of a coral reef or perhaps the lush vegetation of a planted tank. But what you most likely don’t picture is you, arm deep in that aquarium attempting to reactivate a blocked filtration system. For every gallon of water in that amazing tank you observe, there’s a gallon of blood, sweat, and tears which went into making it what it is. There are several points to consider before choosing to set up an aquarium.

Obviously before you do anything you must determine just what it really is you wish to keep. A successful tank may last several years. You have to sort out exactly what it is you would like to keep, and discover whatever you can regarding it’s requirements. Some fish can be unbelievably gorgeous yet if they demand a particular diet or maybe grow to several feet in length they may not be right for you.

Every aquarium requires time dedicated to maintenance on a daily to weekly basis. With no regular attention small problems can easily grow. Putting aside a little time at normal intervals, like every Sunday afternoon for instance, will go a long way towards maintaining your tank in tiptop shape. This can include things like changing water, cleaning filters, as well as feeding the aquarium’s inhabitants. Moreover, problems can occur unexpectedly that may demand immediate attention, like a busted water pump. Having a schedule that permits for such predicaments being handled rapidly is really a definite plus. Some setups have increased maintenance requirements over others and could demand daily attention. If you travel regularly plans might need to be generated to allow for this.

Depending on the size and complexity of the initial setup, the start-up cost can be quite significant. A small freshwater setup might be had for easily below $100 while a basic saltwater aquarium may run a couple of hundred dollars at most. The sky’s the limit after that obviously. Even so, just because the aquarium is up and running doesn’t mean your spending is complete. An aquarium additionally requires regular expenses. Recurring costs such as filter media and fish food do mount up over time. Depending on just what you intend to keep livestock costs can also get rather high. A bigger setup can also have a visible effect on your power bill.

Needless to say there exists an incentive for your work and investments- an incredible aquarium! And appreciating that beauty is all the more special if you realize it was due to your hard work.

The Cost Of Keeping Tropical Fish

Many people would love to keep freshwater or saltwater fish, but a lot of them aren’t aware of all the extra running costs, or how much you can expect to spend to maintain a tropical fish tank. Tropical set-ups require a bit more maintenance than others, and if you’re seriously thinking about investing in a tropical aquarium, there are three separate cost elements you need to consider. First, there are the initial equipment costs, then the running costs of keeping a tropical fish tank, and lastly, the additional costs associated with livestock products.

Initial Equipment Costs
It’s important to invest in the best equipment that you can afford when you are initially setting up a tropical fish tank. Spending a lot of money in the beginning will reduce the amount you will have to spend later on. If your products are poor quality then you are likely to need to replace them often and this will mean you’re spending more money in the long run. In order to get a decent initial set up for a small marine tank, you should expect to fork out somewhere between £250-£300 if you buy all the products new. A 90-120cm tank will cost you upwards of £500, and if you want a reef tank, expect to pay at least £1000 before you add the livestock. If you’re a first time buyer of a tropical aquarium, it’s recommended that you start small (because it’s a lot of money to waste if you don’t like it!).

Running Costs
Keeping a marine tank up and running will definitely be more expensive than a normal freshwater fish tank as you’ll be using additional items and more electricity. A basic marine tank set up will use the same equipment as a freshwater fish tank – just slightly more expensive versions, as tropical fish need stronger lighting, more powerful filters etc. As you’ll be using more electricity, more food types, saltwater, RO water or membranes plus other possible extras like filter media, you should expect to pay between £10-£30 a month to keep the tank running properly.

Livestock Costs
Marine fish are typically more expensive than freshwater fish, since they are harder to catch, and cost more to maintain and ship to pet stores. It is worth noting that, typically, marine fish are kept in lower numbers than freshwater fish, so you won’t have to buy as many fish for the tank you plan to keep.